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Cinnte 3 Higher Level for Junior Cycle Irish

Cinnte 3 Higher Level for Junior Cycle Irish
Cinnte! 3, written specifically for the new Junior Cycle by our highly successful author team – Yvonne O’Toole and Elizabeth Wade – completes the three-book series that will prepare students for both the JC Irish Ordinary Level (Cinnte! 2) and Higher Level (Cinnte! 3) course. These textbooks comprehensively cover the new Irish Specification and the Framework for Junior Cycle and are engaging, imaginative and innovative in their approach.

Cinnte! 3 (Higher Level) builds on the skills that were developed in Cinnte! 1, integrating all three strands of the Specification
Following a thematic approach to teaching Irish, Cinnte! promotes personalised learning and encourages students to explore different ways of developing and improving their language skills
Students are encouraged to take control of their learning and are challenged in multiple ways using a variety of teaching methodologies
Written, oral, aural and reading skills are developed in each unit
Cross-curricular activities and a skills box at the beginning of each unit categorises the learning outcomes that students will achieve
Grammar is taught in an integrated manner and through a separate grammar unit
In Cinnte! 3, there are two units dedicated to Irish culture: General and Literature. General covers Gaeltacht areas, music, sport, writers, etc. and Literature covers the literature prescribed by the NCCA
All material is modern, colourful, creative and age-appropriate
Activities suitable for class-based assessments 1 and 2 are highlighted throughout
Differentiated activities allow for students of all abilities to enjoy the material
Includes a range of self-assessment, peer-assessment and group work activities
Aural work is integrated in each of the units
Includes a selection of graphic organiser diagrams throughout
Students will enjoy the active learning approach and the communicative approachthat the book takes to teaching Irish
Subject: Irish
Class: 2nd Year, 3rd Year
Format: Textbook
Suitable Levels: Higher Level
Publisher: The Educational Company of Ireland (Edco)

Price: €25.95