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Work Experience Level 5 By Arlene Douglas and Séamus O'Neill

Work Experience Level 5
By Arlene Douglas and Séamus O'Neill
Completely revised, comprehensive text written for the revised module 5N1356, guiding the student through all stages of work experience, from preparation to portfolio presentation.
Contains revised information on planning and preparation for work to include:
Skills Audit and Checklis
Career Plan
Job Finding Strategies
CV/Personal Statement
Letter of Application
Statement of Contractual Obligations
Effective Employability Skills for the Workplace

Explores types of work organisations and career opportunities in various sectors, for example, public, private and vocational.

Discusses the changing nature of work and recent changes in the Irish and global economies.

Provides up-to-date information on all relevant changes in employment and health and safety legislation.

Includes a to-do list, tips for portfolio completion and sample contracts.

Details key employability skills: good timekeeping, working independently with direction, meeting deadlines, personal presentation, communication and employee responsibilities in terms of health and safety.

Highlights the importance of reflection on work experience, achieved by documenting plans, goals, challenges, successes, new skills learned, new relationships, routines and procedures.

Provides pointers on creating a career plan based on the work experience.
Written For: Work Experience module [5N1356]

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