Allons-y 1 -  2021 Junior Cycle French - 2nd edition

Allons-y 1 - 2021 Junior Cycle French - 2nd edition

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The bestselling package for First Year Junior Cycle French, updated to reflect assessment and teacher feedback. Additional listening, reading and writing exercises matched to SEC Sample Paper questions. New Évaluation en classe tasks at the end of every chapter, modelled on Classroom-Based Assessments 1 and 2. Trousse de grammaire book dedicated to practice grammar exercises.


  • Complimentary ebook version
  • Ten engaging thematic chapters
  • Suited to mixed-ability classes and the common-level course
  • Integrated listening, reading, writing and oral exercises
  • Clear and accessible grammar sections
  • Des mots clés boxes to build communicative competence
  • Retenez ! feature to foster language awareness
  • Le dossier francophone for socio-cultural knowledge and intercultural awareness
  • Auto-évaluation checks after key topics
  • Le texte authentique feature for real-world context
  • Résumé exercises at the end of each chapter

Chef d’oeuvre is a place for students to:

  • Develop oral communication and written skills for Classroom-Based Assessment and final examination
  • Reflect on and evaluate their progress ahead of the Assessment Task
  • Learn about how Junior Cycle French is assessed

Trousse de grammaire

  • An extensive bank of exam-style grammar exercises


  • Relevant nouns, adjectives and verbs in alphabetical order
  • Space to add new words
  • Verb tables