Allons-y 2 - 2021 - Junior Cycle French - 2nd edition

Allons-y 2 - 2021 - Junior Cycle French - 2nd edition

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Allons-y 2 (2nd Edition) PLUS Portfolio

Allons-y 2 (2nd Edition) textbook for Junior Cycle French.

Package includes Mon chef d'oeuvre/Ma trousse de grammaire book.

The bestselling package for Second and Third Year Junior Cycle French, updated to reflect assessment and teacher feedback.

  • Additional listening, reading and writing exercises matched to SEC Sample Paper questions
  • Évaluation en classe tasks at the end of every chapter, modelled on Classroom-Based Assessments 1 and 2
  • New L’examen chapter in the Chef d’oeuvre, containing advice and practice questions
  • Trousse de grammaire book dedicated to practice grammar exercises.