An Introduction to Nursing

An Introduction to Nursing

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A practical introduction to the theory, principles and practice underpinning the nursing profession, for the revised Nursing Theory and Practice Level 5 module [5N4325].

  • Examines the development of nursing as a profession, as well as nursing functions, code of practice and scope of practice as outlined by An Bord Altranais.

  • Introduces healthcare structures and their functions as outlined in the Nursing and Midwifery Act 2011, identifying specialities and primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare teams, and their functions in care delivery.

  • Outlines models of nursing, focusing on Roper, Logan and Tierney’s Activities of Living model, and includes questions and triggers to help identify actual and potential problems.

  • Explains the importance of precision in administering drugs and recording the procedure, as outlined by An Bord Altranais (2007).
  • Describes how to execute the measurement and accurate recording of temperature, respiration, pulse, blood pressure and fluid balance.
  • Discusses the roles and interrelationship of empathy, advocacy, interpersonal skills and communication in nursing.
  • Identifies commonly occurring infections in healthcare, the chain of infection and how to prevent infection and cross infection.
  • Explains commonly used nursing terminology and medical abbreviations in nursing practice in Ireland.


Written For:

Nursing Theory and Practice Level 5 [5N4325] as part of the following major awards:

  • Healthcare Support [5M4339]
  • Nursing Studies [5M4349]
  • Community Health Services [5M4468]


  • Suggested activities and revision questions
  • Interview skills and tips
  • Information on assessment