Bua na Cainte 6

Bua na Cainte 6

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Bua na Cainte 6 pack 

Published in 2022 by Edco 

Bua na Cainte fully embraces and meets the requirements of Gaeilge for oral language, reading and writing in the New Primary Language Curriculum and enables teachers to implement it in a practical manner in their classrooms.

  • Bua na Cainte A, B, 1, 2, 3 & 4 comprise a number of key components and Bua na Cainte 5 and NEW 6 build on the success and popularity of the programme with:
  • Interactive Resources
    • Animated Conversations
    • Songs, Rhymes and Poems
    • Animated Stories
    • Listening and Comprehension Tasks and Games
    • Teacher’s Help screens