Caring For People in Community & Health Services

Caring For People in Community & Health Services

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Comprehensive textbook containing all major components of the revised NFQ Level 5 Community Health Services course (5M4468).

  • Demonstrates how carers can minimise the effects of ageing through interaction combined with best practice and care.

  • Illustrates how to care for and support people with a broad spectrum of needs, emphasising the importance of hands-on care in training.

  • Explains the historical context of disability, with emphasis on the hidden disability of mental illness and how its related experiences can lead to marginalisation and stigmatisation.

  • Provides an overview of dementia as experienced through the dimensions of health.

  • Places a significant focus on the importance of reflective practice and mentoring as methods of self-evaluation and skills development.

  • Communications section concentrates on therapeutic communications and the importance of understanding the legality of documentation in a care setting.

  • Issues related to work experience are discussed in the context of a care setting.

Written For:

NFQ Level 5 Community Health Services (5M4468)
NFQ Level 5 Healthcare Support (5M4339)
NFQ Level 5 Community Care (5M2786)