Network Textbook, Activities and Accounts Book - 2nd Edition

Network Textbook, Activities and Accounts Book - 2nd Edition

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Network: Second Edition is an up-to-date, three-year textbook for Junior Cycle Business Studies. Clear language and a colourful design engage students and encourage active participation across the three strands: Personal Finance, Enterprise and Our Economy. Network fosters students’ awareness of their impact as consumers, citizens and decision-makers in the local community and in the global economy by connecting skills for learning, work and life.

Features of the Network Textbook

Includes FREE ebook edition and access to online digital resources
Learning outcomes, learning intentions and key words at the start of every chapter focus learning
Final Exam and SEC Sample Paper questions included by topic prime students for final assessment
Classroom-Based Assessments chapter with a model CBA 1: Business in Action project, research and reflection templates and Features of Quality prepares students for in-class assessment
Research tasks develop digital technology and presentation skills and prepare students for Classroom-Based Assessments
Numeracy and literacy tasks within chapters build mathematical and comprehension skills
‘Go’ links make connections between learning outcomes across all three strands
Graphs and tables support analytical skills and demonstrate best practice for the visual representation of figures
Business World articles and Let’s Network with … feature link classroom learning with real-world business
Taking Stock feature at the end of each topic prompts evaluation of learning
Glossary of key words and calculations consolidates learning and aids revision
Activities and Accounts Book

Personal and business accounting practice questions with exam-style accounts develop bookkeeping skills in line with assessment
Creative activities inspire innovative thinking
Personal finance records encourage responsible money management
Pair and group work activities provide opportunity for learning with others
Event- and interview-based tasks encourage participation in the local community
Debates on relevant topics promote discussion and develop critical thinking
Economy Watch feature promotes evaluation of economic changes and trends