Text and Tests for Transition Year

Text and Tests for Transition Year

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Designed specifically for Transition Year classes, this textbook will give students a fresh and exciting perspective on the development of maths and its place in the world.

Text & Tests for Transition Year is a new and engaging textbook that explores mathematics through history and key concepts. Built around eight modules, it acts as a bridge into Transition Year from the Junior Cycle course, revisiting and consolidating work previously completed (Looking Back <<), while showing how these topics will develop later on (Looking Ahead >>).

  • Each module begins with a timeline, mapping the development through history of this branch of mathematics.
  • The modules are divided into parts, each of which revises a specific topic. These are written in an accessible, easy-to-understand style.
  • Links between mathematical ideas are shown and concepts are connected to real‑world use.
  • Worked examples with focused exercises (tagged as Check-up) are key elements of each module, with the level of difficulty of the questions in each Check-up graduated.
  • Talking points appear throughout the book to stimulate discussion, suggest other approaches or add clarity.
  • Each chapter concludes with a Test that covers all the mathematical topics covered in that module.