Croí na Gaeilge 1
Croí na Gaeilge 1
Croí na Gaeilge 1

Croí na Gaeilge 1

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 Fully integrates the three strands of the specification
 Visually appealing, user-friendly spreads with photos, illustrations, and links to key content
 Innovative spiral approach to language learning and grammar:

    • core aspects of the language are revisited periodically
    • pages are laid out to integrate all five language skills
    • core aspects are not taught in isolation; they are layered on top of previous knowledge using thematic language
    • core aspects of the language are reinforced through structured repetition

● Contains 8 thematically relevant, age-appropriate units that bridge the gap between Primary and Junior Cycle Irish in the mixed-ability 1st Year classroom
● A wide range of scaffolded, high-quality activities across the language skills cater for all students’ abilities and help to develop their receptive and communicative skills
 Thematically relevant and authentic literature texts, including poems, short stories and films, with scaffolded activities that help students to respond to the literature and to develop their communicative competence in line with the Junior Cycle Irish specification 

● Two units featuring content from best-selling author Ógie Ó Céilleachair, including a summary of his prescribed short story, ‘An Nollaig Fadó’
 A unit on sports and well-being from Paul Flanagan, well-known GAA star, TG4 sports commentator, well-being and mental skills expert and teacher of Irish and PE
● Dedicated sections on:

● Writing
● Literature
● Grammar

● Student-friendly and precise grammar explanations that have been tested in the classroom:

● explanations are used as springboards for activities
● important grammar points are linked to a set of reference sheets that explain the architecture of the language in a very novel way

● Thematically relevant reading comprehensions, including multi-modal texts (pictures, menus, timetables) and cultural content
● Scaffolded writing tasks accompanied by success criteria, which often link to digital homework as required in the new specification
● Guided oral presentation work and spoken interaction activities with success criteria. These are used to set up new Réamh-MRB tasks, allowing students to prepare for the Classroom-Based Assessments
● Pair and group work opportunities have been integrated throughout the text
● Peer and self-assessment, and reflection activities and tasks are included
● Key vocabulary highlighted throughout, including tasks that encourage dictionary work, and online
● A useful glossary, with tips on dictionary use and key vocabulary listed
● Extensive listening material covering the main dialects
● New Student Audio App – this free App allows you to listen to audio tracks from the Croí na Gaeilge 1 programme. Just download the Edco Audio App to your mobile or desktop device or listen online

Student Activity Book

Croí na Gaeilge 1 Student Activity Book contains additional, high-quality skills development activities for independent work and homework, including a comprehensive Cluastuiscint section to cater for students’ listening needs.

Novel Portfolio Resource Book (Acmhainn Punainne)

Croí na Gaeilge 1 Novel Portfolio Resource Book contains new grammar reference sheets and useful blank templates for students to complete Réamh-MRB tasks. This book will help students to build up a bespoke portfolio.