Economics Now Leaving Certificate

Economics Now Leaving Certificate

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Economics Now is written in line with the new Leaving Certificate Economics Specification, Research Project and written examination. Using a student-friendly and exam-focused approach, this textbook and accompanying Student Exam Handbook promote a strong understanding of the subject, translating that into great exam technique.

Features of the book include:

  • Learning Intentions for each chapter frame the topics to assist structured teaching and learning
  • Key Definitions stand out for emphasis and revision
  • Class Activities throughout the text encourage research, discussion and debate
  • Weblinks and YouTube references bring the content to life, making it more interactive
  • Test Your Knowledge questions are ideal for consolidation/homework and revision
  • References to the Student Exam Handbook extend the questioning to the exam and Research Project
  • Relevant Log Tables are given at the back of the book


Economics Now is accompanied by a FREE Student Exam Handbook, containing:

  • Sample exam questions
  • Guidance and templates for the Research Project
  • Facts and figures relating to current economic issues, topics and statistics


Economics Now comes with a FREE eBook! See the inside front cover for details. Gill Education eBooks are accessible both online and offline.