Enterprise Junior Cycle Business Studies

Enterprise Junior Cycle Business Studies

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Enterprise provides everything students need to know and understand to achieve success in Junior Cycle Business Studies.

  • Exam-focused content (modelling SEE) prepares students for the new written exam
  • A logical and thematic sequence to the outcomes
  • Embeds the CBAs while preparing for the exam
  • Embraces the common level with stimulating and achievable content


Enterprise is accompanied by a FREE Activity Book with:

  • Scaffolded learning
  • Multiple units applied in a range of questions
  • Real-life examples to show application for the examination
  • Tips and checklists
  • Integrated and dedicated CBA work


Teacher’s resources available on gillexplore.ie include:

  • Yearly planning and templates
  • Solutions to all questions in textbook and Activity Book
  • Support for teachers of SEN students
  • Excel templates for accounts
  • PowerPoints for every unit
  • CBA support
  • Worksheets


Enterprise comes with a FREE eBook! See the inside front cover for details. Adopting teachers also get access to a free eBook of the Teacher’s Solutions and Planning Book.