Explore with me 3rd class
Explore with me 3rd class

Explore with me 3rd class

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  • History, Geography and Science explored thematically in one integrated pupil book.
  • Each of the strands and strand units are arranged according to theme; monthly units are organised thematically.
  • There are 6 chapters in each monthly unit: two Science, two Geography and two History for meaningful integration.
  • The thematic approach strengthens pupil learning and supports the reinforcement of the theme.
  • Features a child-friendly layout with colourful pictures, clear diagrams and highlighted sections.
  • The material has been extensively reviewed by experienced teachers and contains differentiated questions for mixed-ability pupils.
  • Key words are highlighted at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Each chapter starts with the Learning Outcomes in the Let’s Learn section giving pupils ownership over what they will be learning about.
  • Fascinating Facts sections are included throughout.
  • Let’s Get Exploring! activities support skills introduced throughout the chapter.
  • Bright and easily identifiable icons are featured throughout to show
    integrated digital resources.
  • Many Science chapters include Let’s Experiment! sections.
  • The Show What You Know! section contains questions for revision.
  • Features an illustrated child-friendly glossary at the back of the book