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Biology Extra! is exam-focused and designed to maximise performance during the Leaving Certificate Biology examination to ensure that students achieve top
marks on the day.

This handbook acts as a companion – a personal tutor – for the duration of the Biology course, comprehensively preparing Biology students for the examination.

Biology Extra! is aimed at both Higher and Ordinary Level students, with ‘Higher Level only’ material highlighted for easy distinction. It contains the following features:

  • Carefully worded definitions tailored to exam requirements are prominently displayed throughout the book.
  • Syllabus tips tell you what exactly you need to know in the exam about a given topic and point out any choices available within a topic.
  • The practice questions at the end of each chapter are typical exam-style questions designed to help you check your understanding and knowledge of the topics in a chapter.
  • All diagrams are designed in a way that lets you reproduce them in the exam. They aid the understanding of a topic.
  • Chapter 8 presents the Mandatory Practical Activities (MPAs) as short guides, which contain all the necessary points you need to know to achieve full marks when answering practical activity exam questions.
  • A glossary of definitions is included at the end of the book as a quick and useful reference for students.