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Feabhas - Transition Year Irish

Feabhas is a new and engaging Transition Year Book written to help improve key Irish language skills in an integrated and easy-to-use manner. It has been designed as a set of modules that teachers can pick and choose from to cater for students of mixed ability and to meet the busy demands of Transition Year.

Feabhas contains the following features, and much more:

  • Designed as a set of modules that teachers can choose from to cater for students of mixed ability
  • Seven modules – An Ghaeilge Labhartha, Scríobh na Gaeilge, Léamhthuiscint, Cluastuiscint, Gramadach, Litríocht na Gaeilge, Stair agus Cultúr na Gaeilge – with an emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking the Irish language in each of them
  • Strong support and scaffolding for students to gain experience of each aspect of the Leaving Certificate course – oral exam, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar, composition and literature
  • Opportunity for students to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in an interactive way
  • Can be used as a workbook and also used in the classroom or at home
  • Students can work independently or in pairs and groups
  • Clear design and layout with a student-centred approach