Genial 1  - Junior Cycle French

Genial 1 - Junior Cycle French

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Génial ! 1 for Junior Cycle First Year French is an innovative language learning programme that gets students speaking and supports them in discovering the language for themselves.

  • Learning Outcomes from all three strands are interwoven through each unit
  • Carefully scaffolded oral tasks and pronunciation activities
  • Vocabulary and grammar are introduced through authentic real-life dialogues and texts
  • The Enquête linguistique guides students to discover language patterns for themselves!
  • Mes stratégies ! panels teach students effective language learning strategies
  • Portfolio and role-play tasks prepare students for the CBAs
  • Students will enjoy reading for pleasure in the Coup de théâtre ! play that continues in each unit
  • En un coup d’oeil summaries include audio and are perfect for revision
  • Réflexions help students to assess their own progress