Geographic Investigations: Coasts

Geographic Investigations: Coasts

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An all-inclusive G.I. Guide that allows students to work independently and have a full understanding of the Geographical Investigation before heading out to the field. This book will save a lot of class time in completing the Geographical Investigation.

For students undertaking a Geographical Investigation in a coastal environment, with erosion, deposition, transportation and human impacts all covered.

  • Introduces students to the Geographical Investigation and gives them the skills required to achieve the best possible marks.
  • Incorporates a revision chapter to give students an opportunity to review the topic before embarking on the investigation.
  • Provides comprehensive guidance on how to complete each section of the investigation:
    • Introduction
    • Planning
    • Gathering of information
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    • Evaluation
  • Includes worksheets to record information collected – an invaluable resource for both students and teachers.
  • Covers the geographical skills required for the Investigation and describes the correct use of geographical instruments in detail.
  • Contains excellent illustrations to help students with their sketches and drawings in the G.I. Reporting Booklet.
  • Includes a sample Reporting Booklet for students to practise before completing the official booklet.


Authors: Colette Flanagan and Catherine Turley

Class:  Leaving Certificate