Getting it Right

Getting it Right

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A complete targeted handbook for the LCVP Portfolio and Link Modules Exam

The Portfolio

  • Step-by-step guide to the perfect portfolio using distinction-standard examples, templates and marking schemes
  • Guidelines and examples to producing a distinction-level portfolio worth 60% of the LCVP exam
  • The structure and examples used reflect the author’s extensive experience as an LCVP examiner and coordinator

The Exam

  • Covers both Link Modules in an exam-focused approach that is driven by the marking scheme
  • Builds student confidence, offering an overview of the main topics that arise each year and an analysis of past exam papers
  • The Link Modules Topic Summaries and Glossary assist students with the terminology and phrases needed for the exam

Regular updates on Facebook and Twitter

  • Twitter: EamonnWhite @gettingitright1
  • Facebook: Gettingitright LCVP
  • Case study analysis (section B) posted before the exam
  • Commentary on important business and entrepreneurial events, and links to LCVP-related articles, websites and videos
  • Student FAQs answered and exam tips provided right up to the exam!