History in Focus (Pack)

History in Focus (Pack)

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The new Junior Cycle will present challenges for the teacher


In a complex subject like History, teachers often find themselves teaching students of varying ability within the same class.

For this reason, History in Focus, Books 1 and 2 – although student-centred – are designed with the teacher very much in mind. A number of features have been inserted throughout the textbooks to assist the teacher in best implementing the new Junior Cycle specification. These include:

Appropriate use of Historical Sources
Chapter 1 in Book 1 of History in Focus is devoted to understanding and learning how to critically assess the value of sources. This will be a significant element in indirect assessment throughout the new Junior Cycle course.

Use of Timelines
The use of timelines throughout History in Focus encourages students to take a wider view of history. Rather than studying events in isolation, students will be able to place them in the context of what preceded and succeeded them, and what was happening elsewhere. This is helped by the inclusion of a timeline at the beginning of each chapter and at the beginning of each book.

Learning Outcomes
A key component of the student’s academic development is an understanding of what is expected of them. Learning Outcomes facilitate this by focusing the student’s mind on what skills and knowledge they should have following the completion of a topic. In order to achieve this, each chapter begins with a set of relevant Learning Outcomes