J'ecoute! Je lis! J'ecris JC 3rd edition

J'ecoute! Je lis! J'ecris JC 3rd edition

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Full-colour updated edition of the highly successful J’écoute!, Je lis!, with a revised emphasis on the core exam skills

  • New to this edition:
    • New section on all types of written questions asked in the exam including: formal and informal letters, postcards, notes and messages
    • Exam Focus feature identifies what topics are most frequently asked in the exam and how best to improve student performance
    • Now Test Yourself exercise at the end of each chapter allows students to recap the key language of that topic
    • New full-colour design and vibrant layout facilitates an interactive and fun approach to learning

  • Builds the key skills needed to succeed at both Ordinary and Higher Levels

  • Each chapter is clearly divided into three sections to reflect the exam structure:listening comprehensions; reading comprehensions and written exercises

  • Includes student’s CD with relevant and authentic aural passages