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J'excelle a l'ecoute

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J’excelle à l’écoute ! is a fantastic resource for the aural element of Junior Cycle French. It contains:

  • 30 thematic units, covering a wide range of relevant topics.
  • Hundreds of audio tracks, accompanied by listening questions.
  • A useful guide on how to improve French listening skills.
  • End-of-section tests.
  • Track lengths for each exercise to aid planning.
  • Key vocabulary presented at the start of each unit and as audio tracks, so that students can learn the correct pronunciation.
  • A ‘useful phrases’ reference section.
  • A separate laminated vocabulary booklet, for quick and easy access to key vocabulary.
  • QR codes leading to the audio, so that students can scan, listen and learn.
  • Integration of all five language skills (listening, reading, spoken production, spoken interaction, writing) throughout, using a thematic approach.
  • Encouragement of the use of French in the classroom through the use of French instructions. The Vie scolaire feature in each unit supports this by introducing useful classroom phrases.
  • Adoption of a student-centred approach, with continuous opportunities for games, pair work and group work. The Carrousel station work provides an active way to revise and consolidate the content of each unit.
  • A reflection of modern communication (in particular among 12–15 year olds), e.g. emails, messages, social media posts and video blogs.
  • IAllowance for classroom differentiation, e.g. through additional Point en prime exercises.
  • A focus on specific details of French pronunciation. Video and audio recordings support this aspect of the student’s language learning.
  • An emphasis on cultural and intercultural content in every unit, both as topics arise thematically through a series of Fiches découvertes, and through independent Dossiers on festivals and celebrations in the French-speaking world.
  • Conclusion of authentic texts thematically as part of each unit, e.g. Le Petit Nicolas, Mon Petit Quotidien.
  • Use of a variety of oral and written assessment techniques, e.g. student presentations, role-plays, projects. The Défi four-step assignment feature in each unit allows students to work at their own pace to develop a portfolio of work.
  • Student Material

    The Premiers Pas 1 textbook includes two CDs


    It also features:

  • An accompanying Carnet de vocabulaire et grammaire which enables students to document what they have learned, both in class and independently. This approach introduces vocabulary and grammar points through an integrated communicative approach. A strong emphasis is placed on students discovering grammar rules for themselves.
  • Mon passeport de classe offers students a valuable opportunity for self-directed learning, to set learning goals and reflect on how and what they learn. This provides a Student Learning Record based on the principles of the European Language Portfolio.
  • Multimedia / IT resources, both in the eBook version and with online supplementary material, thus supporting the development of digital literacy competence among students.
  • A set of traffic light smileys are included for each student to facilitate the easy use of the C’est clair ? feature. This ensures that Assessment for Learning techniques are incorporated throughout the programme.