Linking Thinking 2

Linking Thinking 2

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Linking Thinking 2 completes the requirements for Higher Level students.

  • Learning Outcomes between and within Strands have been connected into chapters that act as Units of Learning
  • The Unifying Strand is embedded throughout
  • Clear step-by-step strategies and Worked Examples develop mastery of the mathematical concepts
  • Taking it Further questions provide opportunities to challenge students and cater for learner diversity

The Linking Thinking 2 package includes:

  • Teacher’s Solutions and Planning Book with step-by-step worked solutions for every question and detailed planning material
  • A suite of digital resources including constructions, curriculum-focused videos and assessment material, available on

Linking Thinking comes with a FREE eBook! See the inside front cover for details. Gill Education eBooks can be accessed both online and offline. Adopting teachers also get access to a free eBook of the Teacher’s Solutions and Planning Book.