Literacy Skills Workbook

Literacy Skills Workbook

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Grammar, spelling and punctuation are essential in all subjects for clarity and understanding. This time-saving and practical workbook uses invaluable 10-minute grammar exercises to improve basic writing skills and increase overall performance.

  • Bridges the gap between primary and secondary school by revising and reinforcing key literacy skills.
  • Provides a full school-year record of progress in key writing skills for student, teacher, parent/guardian and inspector.

  • Lays the foundations for success in English by developing formal language usage and emphasising the importance of clear, legible presentation.

  • Improves self-confidence and performance of all students through teaching points and short ten-minute class/homework exercises.

  • Uses a modern approach while reinforcing best practices of expression in language and creativity.

  • Includes sections on handwriting and the language of poetry, fiction, drama and film.


There is a Teacher’s Answer Booklet available free to adopting schools. It contains the answers to all the exercises in the workbook, saving you valuable time.


The Editors

Martin Kieran has worked for many years as Chief Advising Examiner for Leaving Certificate Higher Level English. Frances Rocks is an experienced examiner at both Junior and Leaving Certificate and presents workshops as part of INOTE.