LSMS HISTORY Revision for Leaving Cert

LSMS HISTORY Revision for Leaving Cert

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Don’t just face exams, ace exams!

Less Stress More Success gives you all you need to get the best results you can in your exams. Your complete course condensed, organised and prioritised, in full-colour, making facts stick and revision easier. Make those study hours really pay!

Keep yourself on track for the exam:

  • Expert tips on how to maximise your points in the exam
  • Highlights key information for you
  • In-context exam questions help you apply what you’ve just learned
  • Concise revision guide covering the most popular topics studied for the Higher and Ordinary Level exams
  • Modern Ireland (two topics to be studied)
    • The Pursuit of Sovereignty and the Impact of Partition, 1912-49
    • Politics and Society in Northern Ireland, 1949-93
    • Government, Economy and Society in the Republic of Ireland, 1949-89 (2018 and 2019 documents study)
  • Modern Europe and the Wider World (two topics to be studied)
    • Dictatorship and Democracy in Europe, 1920-45
    • The United States and the World, 1945-89 (2020 and 2021 documents study)
  • Complete exam breakdown with analysis of topics year by year to help you achieve your best results
  • Case Studies, Key Personalities, Key Concepts included for each topic