Montages Toujours Complete Course For Leaving Certficate

Montages Toujours Complete Course For Leaving Certficate

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New completely revised and updated edition of the highly popular Nouveaux Montages, combining the authors’ tried-and-tested approach with fresh, modern material.
Now suitable for Higher Level and mixed-ability classes

New exam guidelines section provides a clear map of the exam, detailing marks, percentages, timings and tips

Immersive, integrated approach to French: reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are covered in every unit with exam-style questions throughout

Reading Comprehensions (Journalistic and Literary) in every chapter, including a glossary of difficult words
Authentic Listening Comprehensions including dialogue, interviews and short news items with accompanying transcripts online
Extensive cover of oral exam topics with almost five hours of Oral practice material, including guidance and recommendations on the use of a document in the exam
Graded exercises on Written Expression moving from personal accounts and diary entries to emails and opinion pieces

Grammar exercises on the most important topics in each chapter

New topics such as social networks, technology and society

Appendix includes dedicated grammar section, numbers and quantities and difficult words