My Spelling Workbook - Book D - New Edition

My Spelling Workbook - Book D - New Edition

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Please note that this is the NEW EDITION of MY SPELLING WORKBOOK D.

Please check with your child's teacher if you are unsure about which edition you are looking to buy.

NEW My Spelling Workbook - Book D

Book D in the My Spelling Workbook series was designed to strengthen and develop 3rd Class pupils spelling abilities with focused spelling strategies that incorporate dictation, games, assessments and worksheets. Written with a Teacher Guide to ensure maximum value and coverage of the curriculum, My Spelling Workbook is the perfect spelling workbook for 3rd Class pupils.


  • 18 four-page spelling units - one for every two weeks of the school year
  • an active multi-sensory approach to spelling to make pupils more aware of their own individual learning style and activities to develop visual memory
  • opportunities for pupils to retain spelling patterns, word meanings and improve accuracy through a variety of active learning methodologies
  • assessment of spelling in context through dictionaries supplied for each unit