My Spelling Workbook - Book F - New Edition

My Spelling Workbook - Book F - New Edition

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Please note that this is the NEW EDITION of MY SPELLING WORKBOOK F.

Please check with your child's teacher if you are unsure about which edition you are looking to buy.

NEW My Spelling Workbook - Book F

Supported by dictation, assessment, worksheets and games; My Spelling Workbook: Book F supports 5th Class pupils spelling abilities with a Look, Say, Trace, cover, Write and Check approach. With focused spelling strategies and a dedicated Teachers Guide, My Spelling Workbook provides teachers and pupils with everything they need from a spelling programme. 


  • 18 four-page spelling units - one for every two weeks of the school year
  • full-colour workbook with phonetically organised word lists
  • additional interactive spelling activities and games for the whiteboard to reinforce phonic skills, word meaning, commonly misspelled words, maths and computer words available to download