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My Wellbeing – Year 1 is the first book in a new Junior Cycle SPHE series from Anne Jones, Anita Stackpoole and Fiona Chambers, the bestselling authors of the Junior Cycle SPHE series, Minding Me: My Wellbeing and the Senior Cycle SPHE textbook, It’s My Wellbeing.

My Wellbeing is based on the new SPHE Short Course specification.

This Year 1 book from the series covers all 4 strands. A spiral approach is used to unpack the learning outcomes appropriate for First Year from each strand.

Feedback from teacher & student focus groups on the Short Course specification has been incorporated into our series:

  • ensuring empathy is the foundation of all learning throughout the course.
  • widening the lens to include social responsibility rather than just individual rights.
  • using dialogue in the classroom as a learning strategy.
  • acknowledging that students are not always the main decision makers over all aspects of their lives.


Pair work and group work provided via plenty of easy-to-follow activities.

The three cross-cutting elements – Awareness, Dialogue and Reflection & Action – appear throughout all chapters, referenced by clear icons.

Case studies occur throughout the book dealing with issues that teenagers will find relevant.


My Wellbeing – Year 1 is supported by a free Teacher Resource Book with the essential key points to know from the Specification, as well as guidance on tackling key topics and tips on how to teach the course.

Our experienced SPHE authors have compiled a series of podcasts to help time-short teachers as they approach this new specification.