New Music Box B Activity Book

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  • Each unit involves three strands of listening, performing and composing.
  • Each class book is arranged into eight progressive units - one unit for each month approximately.
  • Material is presented in a fun, child friendly and practical manner.
  • Lots of activities and games add enjoyment and complement lessons.
  • Attractive and colourful artwork throughout.
  • Introductions are clear, well written and extremely informative. Includes a greater choice of listening pieces and songs.
  • Provides the support and material required to "compose", "make up" or "think of a way"... Language level is age appropriate.
  • Teacher's Notes are included at the back of each book.
  • A colourful certificate acknowledges and recognises the child's achievements and contributions during the year.
  • Assessment: A steady progression plan has been built into New Music Box, both within each book and from one year to the next, ensuring consistent musical development.
  • A simple end-of-year quiz is provided in each book based on the music literacy programme.