Écouter, Comprendre et Produire

Écouter, Comprendre et Produire

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Écouter, Comprendre et Produire is an exciting and engaging language package that will fully prepare all students for the oral examination and will hugely increase their confidence and ability when listening to and speaking the French language.

The package consists of four main components:

  • A textbook consisting of introductory listening activities and vocabulary sections based on the themes of the Leaving Certificate French oral examination.
  • Two CDs/audio files containing 21 dialogues for listening comprehension activities, as well as 125 questions divided by themes.
  • response journal for students to write and develop their personal answers to these 125 questions.
  • Two assessment checklists for the French mock oral examinations.

Aural activities at the beginning of each chapter are based on 21 interviews that feature four characters, Irish and French, who answer questions that are typical of the oral examination.

The vocabulary sections have been constructed by a native French teacher and offer authentic phrases and structures, avoiding artificial proverbs.