Planet Maths - 6th Class - Satellite Activity Book

Planet Maths - 6th Class - Satellite Activity Book

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A Complete Maths Programme for Primary Schools

Planet Maths incorporates the best methodology for teaching mathematics and problem solving, with new features such as Real Life Maths sections, integrated digital resources and differentiated material to motivate every child

Planet Maths presents a 21st Century approach to Maths. Informed by findings from published combines the benefits of print and digital learning channels to result in a uniquely effective and addresses the development of fundamental numeracy skills in a manner that is dynamic

‘Challenge Yourself’ problems provide early finishers with extra stimulus
All questions graded in level of difficulty
Specific photocopiables in Teacher’s Resource Book for differentiation
Problem-Solving and Real Life Maths
Problem solving activities which require pupils to explore and apply their
skills in ‘real life’ contexts e.g. TV guide
Interim Problem-Solving units require pupils to decide which skill to apply
Problem-solving strategies are clearly presented and easy to understand
3 rd to 6th class books present ‘real life’ photographic scenes with questions
Lesson Planning
Updatable full colour Teacher’s Resource Book
Detailed fortnightly plans
Bridging Framework to Project Maths
A Planet Maths menu bursting with digital resources for every topic
Warm up activities for every topic designed exclusively for Planet Maths
Oral and Mental Maths
Teacher’s Resource Book provide ‘Oral and Mental Maths Topics’ for every topic
Mental Maths pages for 1• st to 6th class
Free Number Fans and Target Boards and corresponding activity suggestions
Glossary of terms and paired activities foster the use of Maths language
Traffic Light System enables each child to evaluate their learning
Activity Book revision sections reflect standardised tests
Textbook ‘Check-Up’ pages revise topics in a consistent variety of ways
Four seasonal assessments available in Teacher Resource Book