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¿Qué Pasa? 1 & 2 for Junior Cycle Spanish have been fully updated to make learning more accessible for students and to make planning for teachers easier.

The ¿Qué Pasa? 1 & 2 packages include:

● Student Textbook
● Learning Diary (Diario de aprendizaje)
● Free Mini-Whiteboard (Book 1 only)
● Free Student e-Book
● Free Audio App
● Student Interactive ‘Quizlet’ Site
● Teacher’s Resource Book and CDs
● Free Digital Resources

Student Textbook

● Clear and vibrant layout filled with colourful illustrations, posters and photos
● Suitable for mixed-ability classes
● The sequence of learning has been updated to make learning more natural
● Topics and the structure have been streamlined
● The audio material is slower and the numbering of sections has been simplified
● The structure of the book allows for easy planning and allows time for assessment and revision
● The Learning Outcomes are displayed at the beginning of each section, which makes planning convenient for teachers and helps the student focus on what to expect in each unit of learning
● ¿Qué Pasa? 1 & 2 actively engage students in communicative
activities and tasks, which integrate all five skills: listening, reading,
writing, spoken interaction, spoken production
● Each unit in ¿Qué Pasa? 1 provides opportunities to engage with authentic-style Spanish texts
● ¿Qué Pasa? 2 also provides new and exciting opportunities for
students to engage with authentic Spanish texts – an invaluable feature of the new book
● Filled with exciting student-friendly content

● The !Ojo! boxes contain helpful tips for learning Spanish

● Group and pair work activities allow for peer-to-peer learning

 Grammar is presented in an integrated manner

● Culture sections throughout each unit teach students about Spanish habits and customs, developing sociocultural knowledge and promoting intercultural awareness

 AFL techniques are used throughout the book.

 New Audio App – this free App allows students to listen to the audio tracks for their ¿Qué Pasa? textbooks. The App can be downloaded to a mobile or desktop device. Tracks are also available to listen to online www.edcoaudioapp.ie

Learning Diary (Diario de aprendizaje)

FREE Learning Diary, which students can use as their language portfolio – a place to collect pieces of work.

● The diary provides space to note key words, make grammar notes, reflect on learning and set learning goals

 Success criteria (Criterios de éxito) are provided for tasks and reflection activities encourage students to assess their own learning journey
● In the Mi portafolio section students will collect pieces of written work, which they may choose to submit as part of their portfolio for Classroom-Based Assessment 2
 Comentario boxes allow teachers to provide feedback on students’ work, what they did well or what they need to revise

● The Vocabulario section is used to note key words and phrases from each unit

● The Reglas gramaticales section provides students with a space to make their own grammar notes to reinforce learning

● The Autoevaluación section provides rapid revision tests, self-assessment checklists and reflection exercises for each chapter