Ready Steady Go Mental Maths - 3rd Class

Ready Steady Go Mental Maths - 3rd Class

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Ready Steady Go Mental Maths - 3rd Class gives the building blocks and strategies to enable pupils to make the

mental calculations and connections necessary to engage fully with the Irish Primary School Mathematics Curriculum.

This Mental Maths book is a 32-week curriculum-linked programme, developed to consolidate 3rd Class pupils' maths skills and concepts. 



  • * 32 weekly units of work laid out in a structured and easy to follow series of lessons
  • * A combination each week of Target Board, Counting Stick and Number Line Activities
  • * Maths Stories, Practical Activities and Puzzles
  • * Development of Mental Maths skills and strategies
  • * End of week Challenges
  • * An emphasis on real life mathematical situations and problems.