Revolutions (Pack) Leaving Certificate English

Revolutions (Pack) Leaving Certificate English

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Revolutions is a new comprehensive textbook designed to help students achieve their full potential when faced with the more challenging Leaving Certificate English Paper 1 examination of recent years.

It not only offers the student a diverse selection of texts in a wide range of genres, as recommended by the Chief Examiner, but it demonstrates the key skills of critically reading a text, comprehensively interpreting a question, and effectively organising a focused response, and encourages the perfecting of these skills through constant practice in the accompanying Portfolio Book.

Revolutions demonstrates and encourages the practice of the following skills:

Comprehension Questions A and B

  • How to critically read a text – be it fiction, debates, memoirs or mixed-genre.
  • How to read examination questions and isolate their key features, including format, audience, style and the key elements of the task.
  • How to organise answers, in terms of content, expression and structure.
  • How to write and present a letter, an introduction, a blog post, a talk, an interview, a script, an opinion piece, a web article and a proposal.


  • How to critically read the examination questions by paying close attention to the wording and reflecting on the implications of all the key terms.
  • How to write a discursive essay, a descriptive essay, a speech, a short story, a personal essay, a feature article and an essay in literary criticism.

The Author: Jim Lusby is the author of six novels, an award-winning short story writer, a scriptwriter, a widely-published essayist, a media analyst on educational issues, and an experienced teacher of English to Higher Level Leaving Certificate students.