Supervision and care in the early years

Supervision and care in the early years

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Unique new textbook introducing the key principles and practices in management, supervision and team leadership in the context of Early Childhood Care and Education in Ireland.

  • Specifically written to reflect the newly migrated FETAC Level 6 Early Childhood Care and Education award.

  • Illustrates how the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework, Aistear, and the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education, Síolta, are central to and inform the scope of the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor.

  • Presents the key skills essential to effective childcare management: communication with key stakeholders, time management, organisational skills, knowledge of current legislation and best practice guidelines.

  • Details the role of the supervisor in establishing, maintaining and reviewing standards and quality in an ECCE setting.

  • Analyses the role and responsibilities of a supervisor and promotes self-awareness of personal attributes and skills required.

  • Introduces personnel management themes such as motivation, support, monitoring, evaluating and providing feedback.

  • Shows how to create and implement policies and procedures and how to develop strategies for overcoming common challenges and problems.

  • Written in an accessible style
Written For:
  • FETAC Level 6 Supervision in Early Childhood Care
  • FETAC Level 6 Team Leadership