Text and Tests Companion Book 2 - PRACTICE BOOK

Text and Tests Companion Book 2 - PRACTICE BOOK

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Text & Tests Companion Book 2 is written in parallel to Text & Tests 2 (Ordinary Level) to offer students more practice at core mathematical concepts and procedures.

The key features of this new carefully constructed book are:

  • It supports students as they work through the material of Text & Tests 2 (Ordinary Level).
  • The material focuses on core mathematical practices and procedures.
  • It has been designed to provide students with extra practice in the core skills of mathematics in a directed and structured way.
  • Text & Tests Companion Book 2 aims to create a sense of achievement topic by topic and hence increase confidence in the basic mathematical procedures of Text & Tests 2 (Ordinary Level).
  • The step-by-step layout helps students to develop a structured approach to solving mathematical problems.
  • Students are encouraged to assess their progress section by section.

Text & Tests Companion Book 2 can also be used as a revision tool chapter by chapter to consolidate learning.

It is accompanied by a FREE eBook.