You've Got this Book 3 - SPHE - Junior Cycle

You've Got this Book 3 - SPHE - Junior Cycle

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You’ve Got This! – Book 3 is written for the new SPHE specification. It offers a comprehensive approach to planning for and teaching Second Year Junior Cycle SPHE.

Key features

• Chapters have been designed to be covered in single lessons, or can be easily adapted to cater for a school’s specific SPHE timetable.

• Students will meet and revisit Learning Outcomes throughout the book. This spiral approach ensures students meet appropriate Learning Outcomes from all strands in each year of study.

 Real-world content with the right level of detail features throughout the textbook.

• Chapters open with learning intentions written in student-friendly language.

 Key terms are listed at the start of each chapter and are highlighted in the text.

• An opening question gets students thinking about the chapter topic.

• Chapter content is written in a clear, age-appropriate style.

• Individual, pair- and group-work activities are presented under clear action headings: Think, Create, Discuss, Watch, Read and Role play.

• Many activities contain reflection questions to allow students to engage in reflection throughout the textbook.

 Tip boxes appear throughout the textbook to give students practical advice and supports.

 Closing questions at the end of each chapter and end-of-unit reflection questions give students the opportunity to assess and reflect on where they are on their learning journey.

You’ve Got This! app

You’ve Got This! comes with a free app that can be used with some of the activities as an additional support. Students can complete various surveys and questionnaires from the textbook on the app and the results will be anonymously compiled and made available to the teacher. This allows the anonymous sharing of opinions around some sensitive topics that are part of the SPHE specification.