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  • Zur Sache! 1 Themen Ordinary Level

    Completely revised!

    Adopting a new thematic approach, these books replace the highly successful Zur Sache! 1 and 2.

    Centred on 20 key topics from the Junior Certificate programme, they can be used in conjunction with Hörthemen Junior.

    Focused strongly on the four key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

    Teachers with mixed ability classes will be able to use Zur Sache! 1; Themen for Ordinary Level students and Zur Sache! 2; Themen for Higher Level students.

    Price: €21.80
  • ¡Aprendemos! Book 2 2018 Set Junior Cycle Spanish Aprendemos 2

    ¡Aprendemos! Book 2 2018 Set

    Aprendemos! 2 is the complete teaching solution for the new Spanish Junior Cycle.

    This integrated print and digital topic-based programme is centred on the culture of the Spanish-speaking world and engages students with humour, stimulating content and up-to-date teaching methodologies. ¡Aprendemos! will help students develop the essential skills for learning Spanish, covering reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary, with particular focus on speaking and listening.

    Price: €30.40
  • ¿Practicamos?

    This is a workbook that covers the reading and writing sections of the Junior Certificate Spanish exam at Higher and Ordinary Level. It offers reading comprehension and written expression practice for 2nd and 3rd Year students. It also provides targeted exam practice. It covers each section of the exam:
    - Section 1: Reading Comprehension
    - Section 2: Numbers and Sentences
    - Section 3: Letter/Email Practice

    Price: €15.30